This is the official website of the Sarasota Men’s Basketball League for men over 60 years of age.  This is an open league, and all  who age-qualify are welcome.  While the primary focus of the league is comraderie and fellowship, don’t underestimate our players.  The games are very competitive and hard fought, and if you are considering joining, you should be in at least decent physical shape, capable of engaging in a very active and competitive game.

If you are new and would like to participate, please shoot an email to  Please make sure to include your details including full name, email address and phone numbers.

The Over 60 Men’s Basketball League is managed and run by a Committee, honoring Ron Taitch, who started and ran the league for years before succombing to pancreatic cancer.  In 2016, the league was permanently named in his honor.

  • Terry Wolfe is chairman of the Committee, and is charged with the finances and organization of the teams, etc.
  • Tom Cunningham is going to deal with the Sarasota County & Woodmere staff to get the contract back to them and reserve the times to rent the gym, both on Game Night and on Monday mornings.
  • Rus Rusbosin takes care of setting up the clock and the scorers table, and handling the referees and volunteers.

12th Anniversary of the Over 50 League

The upcoming season will be the 12th Anniversary year of the league.  Currently, there are 4 teams comprised of 7-8 players on each team.  Teams are created partly on the grouping together of some of the players teamed together before, augmented by a “draft” of the remaining players.  We try to  insure that all teams and all games are competitive. For the most part, core players of the teams are carried over from year to year, although we try to respect friendships, carpools and relatives, and therefore some pairings could be occasionally made on that basis.