We need to figure out what we're doing about League Basketball this year. Your response will help.......

The world has changed, we hope that you have weathered the Covid Storm without complications.

If we are going to continue the Ron Taitch Senior Men’s Over 60 Basketball League this year, we need to start making preparations NOW.  It is the feeling of many, that if we do not continue this year, there is very little chance that it will continue in upcoming years and will fade away……which would certainly be a shame.

The first step is determining how many participants we are likely to have.  If there isn’t sufficient participation, there is no need for the administrative preparations, which need to be addressed NOW.

Therefore, please complete the survey to the right.  It would be best if you could select either Yes or No.  Please remember, that if you answer “Maybe”, you are not helping us decide whether or not to proceed. Only select “Maybe” if it is TRULY the only honest answer you can come up with at this time.

(The Woodmere staff is eager to work with us to have the league this year although due to a year round rental agreement with another organization the gym is not available to us until 7:30-10:00pm on Wednesday evenings. Our Monday morning time is still good and could actually be expanded upon request to 9-11:30am. This means that we could possibly flip the schedule and have the league games on Monday morning and pick-up play and fellowship on Wednesday night.)

If you answer “Yes” to the survey, you will be asked your preference.

Thanks for your time, and stay healthy!