During the Winter League Season, we have rules which govern the games. The Official Rules that govern each Game are published HERE.  There are 10 games to the season, plus two weeks of playoffs, all of which runs from the first week in January, until the end of March.  No make up games are scheduled for cancelled games. This year we’ll be working with one Official Referee each game, and the game consists of 2 twenty-five minute halves, running time, except the last two minutes of the game.

We use volunteers to  work the game clock and keep the scorebook, which helps us keep the cost of running the league to a minimum.  Last year, with 4 teams, we played two games each Wednesday night.  A 6:15PM, and a 7:30PM.  Forfeit time is ten minutes after the previous games ends.  At the end of the Regular Schedule, we enter into our Playoffs.  The Top 4 Teams make the playoffs, and they begin late in March, with standings determining seeding, and using a 1 vs 4, and 2 vs 3 formula.