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ere are the teams as they are currently constructed.  They might change after week 3, based on turnout (or lack thereof) and availability of Alternates, Part time players and Yet to be Assigned players.


Check back as we piece together competitive teams this year.  If your name does not yet appear here, bear with us, and check back often, as we try to assemble evenly matched competetive teams for the upcoming season.

Green Team #1


Rick Van Blarcum (C)

Tom Kniest

Dan Aucoin

Jerry Korte

Stan Lewandowski

Bob Hammond

Tony Aurisma

White Team #2


Dave Tucker (C)

Russ Rusbosin

Bob Rouleau

Bob Hersman

Jim Austwick

Jim Miller

Jerry Foley

Black Team #3


Ed Johnston

Neil Avison

Jim Phillips (C)

Frank Tedesco

Tom Murdock

Bill Smiley

Frank Zavadil

Maroon #4


Tom Cunningham

Dwayne Hendricks (C)

Denis Potaka

Terry Wolfe

Bill Dupras

Dave Kretz