Traditionally, we have access to the basketball court at Woodmere on Mondays from 10:30AM-12Noon beginning in November for pick up sessions.  Payment for those sessions are not included in league dues, but payment is made at the entry office, and is $2/week.  Attendance varies, but is usually around 15 participants. The Monday session is available throughout the season, until the end of April


This is NOT one of our real referees!

Our Wednesday night league time is each and every Wednesday from December 1, thru the end of March, from 6:30 to 9:00PM. During the Winter League Season, we have rules which govern the games. The Official Rules of each Game are published here.  Official League games begin on the first Wednesday in January.  The Wednesday night sessions in December are for preparation, practice, and teambuilding. We play a 10 game Regular Season schedule from the first week in January, plus two weeks of Playoffs. No make up games are scheduled for cancelled games.  Usually one or two officials work each game.  We play 2 twenty five minute halves, running time, except the last two minutes of the game.  Volunteers work the game clock and keep the score book. Last year, with 4 teams, we played two games each Wednesday night.  A 6:15PM, and 7:30PM game.  Forfeit time is ten minutes after the previous games ends. Playoffs begin the last two weeks of March, with standings determining seeding and a 1 vs 4, 2 vs 3 format.

Teams are made up of 7-9 players per team, depending upon the number of participants.  The teams are comprised of set rosters, established just prior to the first scheduled game.  Roster changes may be made after week 3 to help balance the teams up, and possibly even later until January 30. No changes to rosters will be made after January 30 unless conditions such as injuries occur.

If a player cannot make the game, he should contact his Team Captain.  If the Team cannot make the game,  please contact the Captain of the other team.