Believe it or not, we’re already almost half way thru the regular season, and here are the final results of the first 4 weeks.  The Maroon Team is threatening to run away with it, and looks like the heavy favorite going into the home stretch.  Everyone seems to be having a good time, and that, (as always) is the object of this weekly torment that we put our bodies thru. The sub sandwiches are always tasty, the beer numbs the losses, and the well intentioned insults seem to be flowing faster than ever. (Except for Terry’s, of course!) What more could a group of grouchy old men ask for?

Read ’em and weep….

Week One Results (Jan 3th)

White (Team 2) 68, Green (Team 1) 63
Maroon (Team 4) 94, Black (Team 3) 64

Week 2 Results (Jan 10th)

Black (Team 3) 91, White (Team 2) 42
Maroon (Team 4) 76, Green (Team 1) 60

Week 3 Results (Jan 17th)

Black (Team 3) 63, Green (Team 1) 54
Maroon (Team 4) 78, White (Team 1) 53

Week 4 Results (Jan 24th)

Green (Team 1) 65, White (Team 2) 53
Maroon (Team 4) 88, Black (Team 3) 67

No one kneeling here!

Check out this Youtube Video.

Appreciation & congratulations to Tom & Sue Cunningham and their grandchildren for warming our hearts and souls.  It’s getting harder and harder to find this kind of respect in America’s youth today.  And special thanks to Capt. Ed Johnston for making the video and capturing the moment.