Upcoming 2018 Basketball Season Notes

OK, personally, I’ve finally gotten over the crushing defeat of the 2017 Season.  Even Dwayne finally moved the chair from the middle of the room and put it back under the table and cut down the noose.  And even Terry’s wife finally has given him back his razor blades.

The Green Team was the winner, and deservedly so.  Belated congratulations to Bob, Danny, Rick, Stan, John, and Jerry.

I know, I know, they look more like an escaped convict crew than our Basketball Champions.  But then again, this should give the rest of the basketball world H-O-P-E.!

Seriously, congratulations to our Defending Champions!

Upcoming 2018 Basketball Season Notes

We will be playing at Woodmere in Venice on Mondays, beginning in December.  The first Monday in December falls on Monday, December 4.  There is a $2 fee payable at the front office before entering the gymnasium.

In years past, we have opened the gymnasium on Wed evening for scrimmage, tryouts, etc.  The last couple of years there has been limited participation on Wednesday evenings in December, so this year they have been eliminated.

Games will begin on Wednesday evenings in January.  When the complete schedule is published, it wil be found on the website (www.60hoop.com)

The Committee will be forming teams during the upcoming weeks.  We need to know who is playing and who is not.  Therefore, we request that if you are receiving this email, please take a moment to call Terry Wolfe at 802-345-1107 and let him know your intentions, either way.

See you all soon!