Week 8 saw two less-than-dramatic outomes.  The White Team finally broke thru into the win column, and they’ll gladly take it.  And they don’t want to hear anything about the Green Team missing players.  Rumor has it there was a rapidly-scheduled Duck Boat Parade for the White Team down Venice avenue Thursday morning.  In the early game, the Maroon Team beat away the challenge from the Blue Team to clinch first place for the Regular Season.

So the Maroon Team will be playing the last Place Team in the playoffs, (which is the White Team, who has locked up the cellar).  The Two Teams ranked #2 & #3 will play each other in the Playoffs.  That means Blue and Green will play each other.

Well…….a quick look at the schedule, and you’ll find that those pairings are exactly what we are in store for this week, making Wednesday night a “playoff tuneup” for all.  And nothing is a given.  Last time they played against each other, the White Team took the Maroon Team into overtime before finally falling short at the end.  And Teams #1 and #2 have matching 4-4 records.  So it seems like we are still in a situation where anything could happen once the playoffs begin!

Need clock and scorebook volunteers.  Please step up. Thanks to Rick, Gary, Terry and Tom for helping last week.  Everybody needs to take a turn!

Hope everyone is having fun no matter what team they are on, and what their record is.   Every time we get to see the court is time to be appreciated.


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