Changes for the 2017 Season

There are several new players coming back to the league, and with their addition, there are some changes that were made by the Committee (Terry, Rick, Dave T & Tom C.)

We will be going back to 5 vs. 5 players.  This change will start immediately and continue thru the rest of the season.

Teams have been revised slightly.  Please see how and if they affect you.  Here are the new teams going forward:

Maroon Team

Jack Wallace
Tom Cunningham (C)
Dwayne Hendricks
Terry Wolfe
Bill Dupras
Don Paulowski
Tom Kniest

Green Team

Rick Van buycbdproducts (C)
Bob Pauly
Dan Aucoin
Jerry Korte
Stan Lewandowski
Tim Yocum
Gary Bockhold
John Pettit

Black Team

Jim Phillips (C)
Neil Avison
Ed Johnston
Tony Aurricio
Dale Whitacre
Frank Zavadil
Bill Smiley
Bob Ferguson

White Team

Dave Tucker (C)
Bob Ruscosin
Steve Renz
Bob Hersman
Jim Bauer
Bob Rouleaux
Jim Austwick

As you can see, with each team now having 7 or 8 players, going back to 5 vs 5 allows for everyone to get adequate playing time.

Other items of interest

Mike Moore of the Maroon Team hurt himself (concussion / neck) when he took a nasty fall at Tringali last week.  He is not sure when or even if he will be returning this year. Give him a call and let him know you’re thinking of him.

Ed Johnston is suffering thru a knee injury, but he gutted his way thru some meaningful play last week.  Hopefully it gets better and he’ll be in improving shape if he continues to try to play thru it.

Please remember to call your captain and let him know if you are not going to be there or have to miss a game or two.  One team was left no alternative last week but to use Terry Wolfe as a substitute last week, and we’d hate to see another team suffer the same fate in the weeks ahead.

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