And They’re Off….

Oh, wait a minute….that’s what they say about greyhounds and we sure aren’t going to be confused with greyhounds.

The Season’s underway, and two good games last week are in the books.  In the first game, the Blue Team “bombed away” and disposed of the Green Team.  In the second game, the Maroon Team fretted away a sizeable first half lead to fall behind and lose.  Both games were competetive and well played.  It looks to be a real interesting season and the calibre of play is improving each year the league exists.

The Standings after Week 1:

  1. Blue Team 1-0
  2. White Team 1-0
  3. Maroon Team 0-1
  4. Green Team 0-1

Week Two Schedule

We had to make some last minute changes to the schedule, and this week we will have handouts with the full schedule for the remainder of the season, so you can plan well ahead.  This week’s schedule (Jan 13) is as follows:

6:15PM Team 2 (Green) vs. Team 4 (Maroon)
7:30PM Team 1 (Blue)   vs. Team 3  (Black/White)

Team Captains, please make sure your players are aware of your playing time in case they do not check this email….

Looking forward to this week’s action.

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