OK, that’s a bit dramatic, but its time to at least turn our attention (if not our bodies) to the upcoming season. So, let this little update email alert you to a couple of things.

Monday Open Gym Sessions at Woodmere

These sessions are scheduled to begin the first Monday in December, which is December 7th. For those who have never joined us on Monday, we begin at 10:30AM and play until about Noon. There is a $2 admission fee that must be paid at the front office before entering the Gym.
We tried to reserve the Gym during the month of November, but County Representatives insisted that it was rented to the same group that had rented it last year. So we will be starting in December.

All are welcome and we look forward to a great turnout.

Answers to questions you haven’t asked…..

The League Schedule and Team Rosters haven’t been determined yet. We’re still waiting for more folks to get back in town, and we’ll probably have a meeting of the Committee in November, to determine the details of the upcoming season.

We’re developing an online form that will be sent to everyone, asking if they intend on participating this year, and if there is a time limit for their participation. (ie, if they are snowbirds and travel back and forth.) Look for it in the next couple of weeks.

The annual dues will be payable on December 1. We’ve already started incurring costs, as we have to pay monthly deposits for the League Gym Rental in advance. Also, we’ve been advised that even tho we are a private enterprise, (and not a County Sanctioned League), we will be required to obtain liability insurance this year, and provide a Certificate of Insurance. At this point, we do not yet know what this will cost us, and if it could affect our dues or not.

Thanks to the group that went to the National Tournament in Minnesota, it looks like we’ll have game shirts for three of the teams, and if the Blue Team continues to use their blue shirts from the 50’s League, each team will have actual game shirts with numbers. Stylin’, as they say!

In a conversation with Greg Turner this summer, he’s stated that he’s glad to come back and referee again. In spite of the fact that it’s a thankless job, we all love to gripe, and he’s truly a pain in the ass, we’re pretty darn lucky to have him. Don’t ANYONE tell him I ever said that….

Someone asked me this, so I’ll put in the answer. NO, the “fellowship meetings” in the parking lot after the games are NOT paid for by the league, or by your dues. Any refreshments are donated by individuals, so if you partake, slipping those generous individuals a few bucks every once in awhile might be a good idea.

The general consensus from last year is that the calibre of play is better, the competition is better, and the comraderie is better than ever. We hope to build on that and make this year the best yet!

We’re all over 60, and every last year of fun we can cram into our lives is still a bonus! Let’s enjoy!