OK, it’s time to pull together all our financial, scheduling, and player information in order to get ready for the upcoming season.  Here’s an update on each!


There are two opportunities to play, beginning in December. We have reserved the gym at Woodmere from 6-8PM on Wednesday night, beginning the first Wednesday in December, (which is December 2) and for the months ahead. During December, we will scrimmage and play pick up games, as our Regular Season does not begin until January. These sessions give us a chance to get back in shape, and for new players, it’s a chance to get used to the size of the gym and to showcase their skills (ahem….) in advance of getting placed on a team.  The Wednesday night sessions are paid for from our dues, so if you’ve paid your dues, you’re in for free.
On Mondays beginning in December (which is December 7) we have an open gym period.  It starts at 10:30AM, and in past years we have been able to get there 15-20 minutes early….but this year the County told us the gym is rented right up till 10:30 to a Zumba dance group, so it seems we might not be able to get in as early as in the past.  These sessions are pay sessions and will cost $2, to be paid at the office before entering the gym.

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve both happening on aFriday, we are not affected by the those holidays this year, so each Monday and Wednesday session is a “GO”.


As was mentioned previously, the County requires us to obtain a $500,000 Liability Insurance policy as a condition of renting the facilities at Woodmere to us.  We went out and received three bids for this, and the prices varied widely. The lowest price was a little over $300, and the highest was over $700.  Of course we selected the best price, and  made the initial payment on the policy and have taken the Insurance Binder to the County, so unless another unforeseen detail jumps out at us, we are basically all set and have met this new condition.
In addition, the first month’s rent on the Woodmere Gym is due, and since we certainly did not have $600+ remainder from last year to cover these costs, a few have volunteered to pay before the Dec 4 dues deadline.  Special thanks to them.
In order to offset the added costs of insurance, dues will be $70 for the season, all inclusive. This includes the Wed night gym rental, officiating, time clock & timekeeper, etc.  Also, this year we’ll have “real” team shirts during the season for three teams, with the Blue Team using their “Over 50” shirts. (The Blue Team owns their own shirts, but the other teams will turn in their shirts at the end of the season for use next year.)

Dues are due on December 4, and should be mailed toDwayne Hendricks, 6293 Taneytown St, NorthPort, FL 34291.   Or, if you are playing on the first Monday orWednesday in December, bring your check to this first session and give it to Dwayne.

Player Information

This year, we’ve put together a Registration Form.  You can find it by clicking HERE, or by putting this address into your browser……http://60hoop.com/signup/.  Or you can go to the website (60hoop.com) and find a link to the form (entitled 2015-2016 Registration Page) at the lower right area.  Please fill out this simple form when you get this newsletter.  The information will be used to update our records, compiled, and those that have confirmed that they are playing by completing the form and paying their dues can be placed on teams when the Committee meets.  Even if you do not plan on playing, please take a second to put that into the form where indicated.
What is the Committee, you ask???  Since Ron Taitch became unable to continue, an Ad Hoc Committee of Volunteers was set up to handle the different aspects of running the League.  The Committee consists of Bob Kinsley, Dave Tucker, Rob Hageman, Tom Cunningham, Gary Kaylor, and Dwayne Hendricks.  There will be a meeting of the Committee at Dwayne’s house on Sunday, December 6th at noon.  At this meeting, we should have a good idea of who has registered and who had paid their dues, cbd products based on these committments, discuss Team Formation for the upcoming season, (including the number of teams and the schedule) and any other issues that may need to be addressed.

I’m sure we’ll be sending out more information %%First Name%%, sometime after this Committee meeting, and in the meantime, we hope to see you soon at one of the December basketball sessions.

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