4-TeamBracketWell, the Regular Season is over and now the “Real Games” begin. It’s playoff time.  Can’t you just hear Jim Mora’s voice in your mind?  (Playoffs?, Playoffs?)

See the bracket, and /or the right column of the website to see the schedule of when your games are.  Everybody bring your A Game, bragging rights are on the line!

Sadly, I learned this week (from Ron Taitch’s better half, Carole Ellis) that literally, the Time Clock Expired for Craig Williamson, who passed away on Tuesday, March 10.   This sad news comes on the heels of his sudden disappearance from our Scorer’s Table, and it seems he passed from liver cancer, which explains the jaundiced appearance we all noticed the last few months.  For the last several years, Craig would perform the unselfish jobs of setting up the seating and table, sweeping down the entire court, and then handling either the ScoreBook or the Time Clock.  And the last year or so he handled both simultaneously.  He never asked for anything in return except respect for the job that he did.  No one seems to know about a memorial or funeral service and we have been checking the papers since learning of his passing.  If anyone learns of anything, please send it along, and we’ll get the word out for those who may want to pay their respects.

While we’ve already started losing a few snowbird players, such as Bill Smiley, rumor has it the Green Team hired a charter airplane to fly to Frostbite Falls and bring back Dan Aucoin for the playoffs.  It’ll be good to see old “Cluch and Grab” back on the court.

We’ve only got two weeks left.  So let’s enjoy them!