Well, it’s hard to believe, but we’re already halfway thru the Regular Season, and we’ve made it without serious injuries or incidents.  It’s been very enjoyable so far, I think everyone will agree.  At least that’s what I’m hearing in the parking lot.  Hope you all feel the same way.

Ron’s video and plaque went out by FEDEX and I got confirmation that it was delivered, so I expect we’ll hear back from Ron’s lady friend Carole Ellis within the next week.  Hopefully he appreciated it as much as we appreciate him.  You’might also notice I’ve changed the name on the website last week, as well.

The Maroon Team won over the Blue Team, who was without a couple of their key players.  And the Green Team won over the White Team, who was also without a couple of their key players.  Not the most rewarding of victories for either winner, but a win is a win, I guess.

There is a rumor going around that our Referee, Greg Turner, is going to abandon his Voluntary Admission Policy in favor of Bucking Up.  So brace yourselves, instead of hearing, “OK, who did that?”, you’ll be hearing “Odds or Evens!”.  In all seriousness, his good nature spreads over the game, and good call or bad call, keeps things on an even keel.  Winning is great, but a good time with friends is priceless.

See you Wednesday!


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