Week 3 Game Recap

A betting person would have lost a lot of money betting this week.  The Blue Team #1 lost to the Green Team by a large margin. The Blue Team was playing without a couple of their players, and it obviously hurt them.  They dropped to 1-2 and are looking to rebound against the White Team this week.

In the other game, one might have bet that the Maroon Team would beat the White Team going away, and by a much larger margin than the 7 points eventually recorded in the scorebook.  The game went into overtime when Rob Hageman shot a 3 pointer from about 80% down the court.  Swish.  A shot for the books.  The White Team eventually succumbed in overtime, but it was a closely fought game right down to the end.  So much for the White Team not having enough team chemistry.  They had plenty this week.

Roster Changes

Before the season began, we mentioned that we might realign some players to make the four teams more competitive, and we have reached that point.  Although the White Team came close this week, they remain 0-3, and the committee of Dwayne, Bob Kinsley, Dan Aucoin, Tom Cunningham, Dave Tucker and Rob Hageman have made one change, to strengthen the White Team….by taking Gary Kaylor from the Maroon Team and trading him to the White Team.  This should make them more than competitive, and if they don’t start winning now, heads will be scratching everywhere.

I’d also like to point out that Norm Pell came for the first time last week, and ended up playing on the White Team, but Norm is permanently on the Blue Team and will be playing for the Blue Team this week forward.  Welcome back, Norm!

These changes also even out the number of players, so that each team has eight players, (I believe none have nine any longer.)

The Saga of Ron’s Video

I’m still having video problems, and the video I took last week came out chopped up.  I don’t know why, but to remedy my piss poor performance, I ‘ve asked Ed Johnston to take my place.  (The Maroon Team got all excited until they learned I wanted him to take my place recording the video only.)   The bottom line is we need to do it one more time.  I took the liberty to write to Ron’s girlfriend to explain the delay, and here is the email I sent.

 “My name is Jim Phillips.  Ron knows me from years of basketball.  I have been contributing by providing a weekly newsletter and a website for the basketball league that Ron ran for years.  It can be found at www.60hoop.com,  If you visit it with Ron, he’ll find mention of the league being renamed so if you are planning all this as a surprise for him, you should keep him off the website until after you get a package from us.

I know Craig had indicated that a video would be sent, along with Ron’s plaque, but I have been unsuccessful in making the video.  The first week, I lost the card in the camera, and the second week, the video is all chopped up. It’s either because I am trying to use a still camera to make moving videos, or because I am a video idiot.  Probably the latter.

Anyway, I have asked another league member to record for the lucky third time, and it is someone who makes videos all the time, so it should hopefully come out good for sure this week.  I’ll assume you are surprising Ron, so hold him off for another week, maybe 10 days, and we’ll have it all to you.
I have a FEDEX acct, but need to cbd products the address you would like it sent to, in case you want it delivered elsewhere.  Just email it back to me.  Thanks.
Just wanted to update you, and explain the delay.  Thanks for all you are doing for Ron!”
 I particularly want to apologize to Gary Kaylor for not successfully recording the terrifically heartfelt testimonial he gave. I hope he can replicate it because it was really wonderful. It’s a great group of guys that make up the league this year and Gary is a shining example of that.


Please refer to the website for the correct game times this week.  They were changed awhile ago, so if you recorded the schedule at the beginning of the year, you’ll find a change was made to this week.  Each time has played each other once, and we start around with second games against each team this week.  Let’s see what changes, and which team makes strides, (and which teams don’t!)

See you Wednesday!
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