Basketball InjuriesAs soon as I wrote it, I knew I shouldn’t have mentioned that we made it halfway thru the season without any major injuries.  Snakebitten for my words, obviously.  Here’s an update:

Bob Rouleau injured his hand and will be out for the rest of the season.  Bob is on the Blue Team, and his loss means the Blue Team will be down to 6 players.  To compensate, Bob Myers has been asked to join the Blue Team for the rest of the year.  His shooting will help the team stay alive in the standings.  It will also reduce the White Team down to 8 players.  They have had 10 players for the duration that Bill Smiley is playing with them and 10 players is just too many to get a good rhythm.  Also, John Skaggs informed that he is done for the year, due to several factors (none of which are injury related, tho).  As a result of those two moves, the White Team will be down to a much more manageable 8 players.

Jim Austwick of the Maroon Team informs that due to a torn tendon in a finger, his doctor has told him to take 6 weeks off, or he could lose feeling in that finger.  Jim’s one of those quiet contributors whose presence does not jump out of the scorebook, but definitely displays in the game’s final results, so the Maroon Team will be missing him, and they’ll be down to 7 players, plus Dwayne’s only playing half a game at most.  Hopefully we’ll see Jim back for the Playoffs.

Also, mysteriously, Craig Williamson returned the Game Clock and Scorebook without anyone’s knowledge, or without informing anyone what a problem might be.  This is really unlike Craig, who has proven himself to be super dependable over the years.  A check with the Over 50 League shows that he did not show up there, either.  So something is wrong with Craig.  Several calls to his phone have gone unanswered, but he sent a very brief email to Dwayne this week, that indicated that sudden health problems might have cropped up.  If you are reading this, Craig, we miss you and hope you are OK.  We hope you will drop by and keep us posted about any way we can help you if you are having difficulties.

We’ll need volunteers to man the clock and the scorebook from the teams not on the floor.  This means someone from each team of the 7:30PM game needs to have one person arrive early and help for the 6:15PM game.  And one person from each team playing the 6:15PM game needs to stay afterwards and help for the 7:30PM game.  Please step up.

Last week, the Blue Team really took it to the White Team, and their win, coupled with the Green Team’s loss, means they have moved up to a tie for second place.  And they did it without Ed Johnston, one of their sharpshooters.   They square off against the Maroon Team this week, and if they can pull off a win, they will be within a game of First Place.

And finally, I’ve posted a video of Ron opening up his plaque and DVD.  Its on the website in the right hand widget column.  Take a look!

See you Wednesday!
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