Game Recap

A couple more games under our belt and everyone seems to be having a great time.  The White Team lost again, adding Gary Kaylor on their team, but subtracting John Skaggs, who missed the game with an achilles problem.  John says he is week to week, but we all hope to see his cranky butt back on the floor this week!  The Blue Team got themselves back on track with a solid victory against the White Team and has set their sites on getting back to the top of the standings.

The Green Team beat the Maroon Team in a very close game at the end, after surrendering a 16 or 17 point lead early.  Those two teams are now tied for first place, with the Blue Team hot on their heels.  Looks like we might be headed for a furious finish for the top spot by the end of the season.

The Video Saga is Over!

Special Thanks to Ed Johnston for taking the video tribute to Ron Taitch.  The little showoff even used two camcorders and spliced each view back and forth..and synced it with the audio, and it came out great, as you can see.    


The Video Presentation and plaque were FEDEXED off to Ron on Monday, and he should have it by the end of the week.  Mission Accomplished thanks to Ed Johnston, Gary Kaylor and Craig Williamson. (If it does not open on your computer, you can also see it by CLICKING HERE.)

You’ll also notice that I photoshopped the header banner here on the website to correspond with the new name of our league, and I’ve also created and established a League Page on Google in Ron’s name that you should all subscribe to HERE.  Once subscribed, you can put your own comments on here, anytime you want, for Ron to see, and for all the other players who subscribe to see.

See you Wednesday night!

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